What types of travel insurance cover can I take out?

The type of travel insurance you’ll need will depend on where you’re going and for how long. When it comes to the length of time you’ll be travelling, you’ll get to choose either:

  • Single trip cover: A single-trip travel insurance policy covers you for one trip to a specific region for a set period
  • Backpacking cover: Backpacking travel insurance offers protection for an extended period, during which you’ll be able to visit multiple regions
  • Annual multi-trip cover: An annual multi-trip policy insures you for a full year, so you’ll be able to take multiple holidays across the 12-month period to any regions you’ve included on your policy

Your policy will also reflect the parts of the world you plan to visit:

  • European: This covers you for travel to mainland Europe, and some insurers also extend this to Morocco and Egypt. Check the extent of cover you’re buying if you’re not sure
  • Worldwide: This covers you to visit any destination worldwide, apart from those specifically listed on the policy (typically high-risk areas such as war zones)
  • Worldwide (excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean): This covers you for travel to anywhere in the world except these countries and named high-risk destinations. This distinction is often made as these destinations have very high medical treatment costs, so removing travel to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean makes the policies less expensive