Frequently Asked Questions

Motor insurance protects you against liability in the event of any accidents you may be involved in. It is a legal requirement that any motor vehicle kept or used on the public highway has insurance for third party liability at the very least. It is an offense to drive your car or allow others to drive it without motor insurance.

Medical costs abroad can be very expensive and without adequate insurance cover you could be left severely out of pocket.

Many travel insurance policies provide cover for excursions such as visiting another country for a day or two as part of your holiday. However, check with the insurance company as there may be conditions and limits to how the cover applies.

For single trip holidays with multiple destinations, you'll need to enter each destination you will be visiting and then check with the insurer that you are covered for all destinations – including any time spent travelling.

You could also purchase an annual multi-trip policy, which ensures you’ll be covered for all destinations, subject to your policy conditions.

Many car insurance policies cover the policyholder while driving a car which belongs to someone else. Driving other cars may be on your policy irrespective of the cover; cover is restricted to third party only, even if you have a comprehensive policy for your own car. Accidental damage to the borrowed car will not be covered by your motor insurance.